Friday, August 8, 2008

Office Olympics

Serious day at the office!

Hi everyone! The Event & Patient Liaison Department (EPLD) just won the Gold of office olympics in the Decoration Category. In the spirit of the summer Olympics kicking off today, St. Jude and ALSAC had our own. It was a ton of fun and now we're all exhausted.

EPLD also scored a Silver for Ping Pong Spoon Race (Tayde & Sarah); Silver for Limbo (Laura G.); and Bronze for Clothes Pin Clipping Contest (Anna).

Many departments began decorating their cubicle areas a month ago. However, we started 2 days ago. Don't mess with the event planners.

Each department chose a nation to represent. We were Greece. Our department is all women, so we decided on a Greek goddess and sorority theme. EPLD becam Sigma Pi Lambda Delta. You can check out custom printed t-shirts in our pictures.

When the judges announced Greece for Decorations Gold, we were in shock!...And still a little confused on how we beat Mexico and China.

Either way, this was an awesome team buiding experience for our newly expaned Event & Patient Department. Hopefully, it is just one of the many fun times for all of us ladies to have together.

Check out our pictures from earlier today by following these two links:

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