Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fun with Chandler & Matt

Well, its finally happening. Chandler and Matt are getting married in Jamaica on 10/31/08. We celebrated their engagement last night with a tropical cookout. Mark and Cari Forbus hosted everyone at their new and lovely home in Harvest, AL.

Kari, Emily Smith, and I prepared the biggest meal ever. For those who didn't bother to regret or attend, that's OK because everyone had burgers, chicken, and crack green beans for dinner tonight...and loved every minute of it!

It was great for all of us to reconnect since we never get together in a large group.

Chandler and Matt seemed so happy and grateful for everyone that came and celebrated with them. They've been together for 5 years I think, so it is definitely time for them to have their day. They are going to Jamaica for an intimate and romantic ocean side ceremony. This is perfect for them, and we can't wait to see pictures. I asked them if they could up grade their package to include a live podcast, so we could join. It was a joke as I don't even really know what a podcast entails and don't care to know right now either.

For Brad and me, the night was bittersweet. We love hanging out with all our AL pals, but are sad to leave. We have pals in Memphis but there's just no place like home. I enjoyed getting to know Cari better while planning for the party. She is a little party planner in the making. I just know it.

From the Berry's to the future Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Olive, we wish you a wonderful wedding in Jamaica and a blessed marriage. On behalf of the two of us, I will give you our wedding advice. There is nothing in life more wonderful than your relationship and nothing more delicate. The greatest things in life take tender love and care, just as you should treat each other and your marriage.

Follow this link to see pictures from the party:

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Ponte Vecchio
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