Sunday, February 14, 2010

Guidelines of My Commanding Journey

Here ye, here ye. It is time to outline the guidelines of my Commanding Journey - how I now refer to the project.

But first, let me share with you something the journey has already brought to me - an opportunity to bond with my my best friend's brand spanking new husband. He enjoys cooking and watching the Food Network like me. Everyone wants to be like us. He and I haven't had a true bonding opportunity yet but we're going to cook together soon! Haley - if you haven't informed Trent yet, you might want to since I'm sharing with all the world....ok, more like 6 people. I'd hate for him to find out from someone else. And Brad - if you're reading and I haven't already told you - we're going to spend time with Haley and Trent in the next couple months. How great will it be for all of us to share time together, cook, and eat. Very special people and three of my favorite things all at one time.

Ooh look, Brennan's restaurant in New Orleans is on TV advertising Community Coffee. Maybe the chef channeled some culinary excellence my way.

Ok, back to the guidelines.
Here ye, here ye. I hereby proclaim the most relaxed and flexible guidelines I've ever put together for a project.


This will be fun, without stress or too much internal pressure. Why get stressed over cooking a pigeon which just happens to be one of the dirtiest birds ever, at least so I've heard. Instead, this is an opportunity to stretch myself into a new heavenly realm of cooking. Those of you who know me, realize I am likely to experience stress just thinking about not stressing.

Turn my tears of self pity into laughter when I royally screw up some of this...and we all know it's going to happen. I have an innate ability to cry on demand that rivals all others who have this ability/curse. It's a wonder, I didn't tear up while typing the last sentence. I promise to air all crying turned to laughter episodes...regarding the Commanding Journey...not all of them.

I did minimal research by reading through the ingredient lists of each recipe to identify items not easily available in Memphis and quickly browsed through some of the recipes to get an idea of how intense some are. Let's just say, it's gonna take deep breaths to get through this. Taking these factors in consideration, my goal is at least one recipe per week. But remember this will be stress free, so I reserve the right to skip a week if necessary for personal or professional reasons.

Sharing is a majore part of this project. The obvious is sharing with you all through this forum, but I want to share the food with some of you....get ready ALSAC Event & Patient Liaison team. And better yet, I want to experience actually cooking in person with you. So, if there is something you're craving, a special occasion you're not afraid to risk on me, or just dying to spend time with moi, let me know and let's whip something up together.

I will begin at the front of the cookbook, because goodness knows we've got to start this off with a toast, and cook one recipe from each section then repeat over and over and over until all have been created. I reserve the right to change this pattern due to seasonal ingredients, special occasions or cravings. Matter of fact, I'm going to break this right out of the gate. I have two options in mind and neither are in the first couple sections. Remember, part of the rules is the ability to change them.

I reserve the right to scale the recipes. This will save money, waste, and the guilt I would feel about uselessly taking the lives of 36 snails for a pasta dish we are very likely to not enjoy.

No deadline. I always confine myself with deadlines, and my work as an event planner is partly defined by deadlines. The real test will be if I can finish this without one. Whether it is a year or three when I finish this, I will finish. And I will finish in a beautiful way. Just read, watch, and taste.

My Commanding Journey first recipe commencement ceremony (reference likely came to mind since the Winter Olympics ceremony was three days ago) to take place next Sunday, the twenty-first day of February, Two thousand and ten. I'm ready to stop chatting about it and get this party started. Tata for now.

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Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio
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